At Wise Appraisal we strive to go beyond the standard appraisal services to offer unique educational experiences. We are committed to sharing invaluable knowledge through dynamic speaking engagements catered to realtors, mortgage brokers, attorneys, title agencies, homeowners' groups, government agencies, and small conferences.

Our thought-provoking presentations cover a range of essential topics, ensuring that our audience gains a deeper understanding of the intricate aspects of real estate appraisal. Here's a glimpse into our key speaking engagements:

    • What to do with a Bad Appraisal: Navigating the process when faced with an appraisal that you don't believe is accurate.
    • Autopsy of an Appraisal: An in-depth examination of the elements that make up a residential appraisal report.
    • Magic of Measuring a Home (ANSI): Unveiling the secrets behind accurate home measurements using ANSI standards.
    • Finding Comparable Sales: Mastering the art of identifying and utilizing comparable sales for precise valuations.
    • Stopping Appraisal Bias (what to do): Addressing the issue of bias in appraisals and strategies to prevent it.
    • How to request a Reconsideration of Value (ROV): Practical steps to take when seeking a reconsideration of value in a residential real estate appraisal.
    • Ask The Appraiser - Open Forum: An interactive session where participants can seek advice and clarification on any appraisal-related queries.
    • Developing a Listing Price: Insights into the intricate process of determining the optimal listing price for a property.

At Wise Appraisal, we pride ourselves on not just providing exceptional appraisal services but also on empowering our clients with knowledge. Whether you have a small group or large event we are excited to engage with you. Our speaking engagements are designed to foster a collaborative learning environment, where industry professionals and stakeholders can enhance their understanding of the real estate appraisal landscape.

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